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Knowing your Miami-Dade Real Estate Sign Sizes

When setting up a real estate sign in Greater Miami, you will need to know exactly what the standards are for Miami-Dade Real Estate sign sizes. As the representative of homeowners, Real Estate agents must follow the sometimes-lax-sometimes-not-so-lax regulations in order to, A- be on the right side of the law, and B- get it right the first time. Both being most convenient as your client will enjoy a more seamless experience with an agent who knows his/her stuff.


The perfectly-made and installed Real Estate sign should last the duration of your listing and should also give you the opportunity to reuse it for future listings. We go beyond simply meeting the requirements. ReachMiami’s experienced vendors will design or manufacture or install your real estate sign with the highest level of quality and efficiency in order to forge a signage vendor-experience that lasts a lifetime.

Installation Process

ReachMiami is a Real Estate, vendor-centric platform that allows Real Estate professionals to find the right vendor for their Real Estate needs. Therefore, we deal only with vendors that are Real Estate specialists themselves. So, when you hire us to do a sign installation for one of your listings, you’re hiring the best in the business. As a rule of thumb, we require all our vendors to install all Real Estate yard signs at least five (5) feet from the street as long as it’s possible in order to avoid fines from city zoning inspectors. Our usual turnaround is 24 hours for installations and the removals can take up to 48 hours, but they’re free. Let’s say it’s windy and your sign starts tilting a bit to the sides. Well, guess what, going back to the property and straightening the sign is also free!

Sizing and Regulations

There are many types of Real Estate signs that are sold in Miami. Many of these “Real Estate Signs” come with weird or trendy terms like Coroplast, Bandit, Channel, etc. Here at ReachMiami, we like to simplify the process and talk to Real Estate Agents as customers, not Signage and Printing experts. All you need to know is that there are only these types of Real Estate signs:

  • Generic Yard Signs and Posts
  • Custom Branded Posts
  • Open House Signs
  • Commercial Signs

A list of Miami-Dade Real Estate sign sizes

Taking into account practicality and aesthetics, each of the city’s zoning departments has come up with the following rules and regulations for sign and post sizes, and how they should be installed. If your city or neighborhood does not appear on this list, please go by Miami-Dade’s specs. For a more in-depth list of Miami-Dade Real Estate sign sizes and other regulations, please read this article from the county’s one website.

Area / City 5X8 12X12 12X18 12X24 14X10 18X24 24X24 24X36 Orientation Color
Miami-Dade BOTH FULL
Miami Beach BOTH FULL
Pinecrest BOTH FULL
Surfside BOTH B/W
Morningside BOTH B/W

If you need to order a real estate sign for one of your listings, please see the list of all products available below. ReachMiami carries all sizes for both, residential and commercial listings.

Help us keep this list of Miami-Dade Real Estate signs and regulations updated. Feel free to comment on any additions/corrections you might want to collaborate with.